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Prime Latte

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About the Product
Product Details
About the Product
Essential Skin-Softening Milk

With a blend of fruit and botanical oils, and herbal fragrance, this milk emulsion soothes the mind and body as it transforms the skin, giving it an alluring softness - for skin you just can’t help but caress. Supporting barrier function, the skin becomes moist and resistant to dryness, resulting in smoother skin texture and boosted translucency. From less-visible pores to improved makeup hold, beautiful surprises keep coming.

Full of Nature's Blessings

Extracted from the fruits of this tall tree that flourishes in the tropics and subtropics. Avocados are known as the “butter of the forest” for their high nutritional value, and contain essential fatty acids like
linoleic acid, oleic acid, Vitamins E, A and C that are useful in anti-ageing, and ample minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. The oil has high affinity with skin, and is effective in
permeating and softening the epidermis.

Avocado Oil
Contains oleic acid and Vitamins E and A, and softens skin.

Olive oil
Softening, antioxidant
Strengthens immunity, with excellent antibacterial and relaxation effects.

Lavender oil
Antibacterial, strengthens immunity
Promotes skin’s ability for regeneration. Contains large amounts of linoleic and linolenic acid, supporting barrier function and protecting moisture.
Product Details
• Skin-softening milk that works from the inside.

• Skin stays moisturized and hydrated long after use. Also supports barrier function, for skin that is resistant to dryness and roughness.

• Improves absorption and boosts effectiveness of subsequent treatment lotion products.

• Cares for skin that easily becomes imbalanced due to stress or lack of moisture. Improves balance

between oil and hydration, leading to bright and smooth skin with less-visible pores.

• Non-sticky and easily absorbed by the skin.

Pair with Vita De Rêve for radiant looking skin.